Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Beautiful Real

Here is The Armitage as Chop, a guy I don't care about, from an earnest movie (Urban and the Shed Crew) that looks like it would depress me, and yet this photo thrills me:

I love your hat
I love the green
I love it bilious
I love it mean
I love it harsh
Oh whip me now
Show me the spark
Show me the how.
Are you rolling a cig
Are you rolling a joint
Does your scruffy scruff itch
Is there any point?

So happy to see you 
Looking down and out
Happy to see you
Playing a lout
So happy to see you
Sartorially challenged
So happy to see you
Real and damaged.

Happy to see you
Wearing real stuff.
Staying away from the tights
Staying away from the fluff.
Give up the cape
Give up the stylist
Take some meds 
For that Hollywood virus.

You haven't looked this good
Since before The Hobbit,
Damn, you have the knack,
Stay the sonnet.


  1. You often write about how I feel....About what I often,often perceive...I just cannot express as beautifully as you do.....Thank you...

    1. As you say,the tights,the cape, the fluff,the frigging stylist.Also the too much buff maybe ? The all around bullshit that seems to permeate Tinseltown.....

  2. Fabulous poem! I see you must be celebrating poetry month. I am so glad you were inspired. The muse is back! :)

  3. What a nice idea and poem - I learnt some new words.) Thanks for teaching!
    Med against Hollywood virus? let's hope there will be enough of it :)


  4. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.