Thursday, February 10, 2011

Freaky: Marinating in Real Life

Where have you gone, Mr Armitage?

I haven't listened to most of the The Hobbit conference today but I did catch the clips of the Armitage elsewhere.

      Here he is, 'marinating' The Dwarf:
Was he 'marinating' Guy of Gisborne here?

Because I'm currently thinking pretty...not ugly...just pretty not appealing, I guess, in the best dwarf tradition.  I think the bush, no matter how well-sculpted, overwhelms his face and its delicacy, gives him an overall common roundness at odds with his unique angularity, and hides a feature that is part and parcel of his expressiveness, his mobile mouth.  So, yeah, he's already found his inner Dwarf. For 2 years?  Oy vey!

Also, when he spoke it was in a constantly deep voice. Are we hearing "Thorin"?

Christian Bale also immerses himself in a character to the extent that he uses the character's accent in interviews on top of his physical changes, although actually he seems to choose to remain consistently shaggy and unkempt between gigs.  Christian Bale also felt that any fool who got into the way of his method on camera deserved a 4 minute abusively raging tongue lashing.

I can understand the (unattractive) beard which was beaten a mile by Aidan Turner's (in all its more authentic and primal, in my opinion, hirsuteness), and even the close cropped hair.  But I do not understand the unnaturally deepened voice.  Because for me, to give your all to acting without drawing a boundary is suspect.  You don't need to do it.  So, why do you?

Having said all that, I didn't mind the Armitage's reserve in the face of the extroverts; I so relate.  His acting will say all that needs to be said, in my opinion.  Meanwhile, I am not copacetic with his insistence on marinating in real life or even in an unreal press conference. Where does one draw the line?


  1. I like the beard! :)
    Way better than the Heinz hair.
    I prefer the Thornton or the Lucas over anything else, though.

  2. "The Thornton" or "the Lucas"- heh. Sounds like something for a hairstyling mag. I do agree with you on that. And I also prefer him clean shaven, not a popular choice, I know, probably because he is so fair skinned. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I am beside myself with beardlust. Don't know how it happened. Don't know why it happened. It's an exquisite pain that I hope will ebb someday.