Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FanstRAvaganza, Day 2 : Do the Strand

Ode To The Hair

I like your hair down to there

Even if it's dated or square.

Pray, don't touch it I beg,
Let me do that instead.

The Thornton,

The North,

The shaggy, 

The coiffed.

Not equally pretty
Yet worthy of ditty.

Those luscious dark locks,
Clear knock off my socks.

Coloured or frizzed
I feel very blessed.

But I beg you, dear sir!
Your hair, er, down there,
Perhaps you'll rethink?
It drives me to drink!

This is not a dwarvish beard.
This looks like my ex's beard.

(By the way, I imagine Thorin's hair and beard as a combination of these images. The result would be elaborate beards and hair, tribal ornamentation, less prosthetics, and more natural (and inevitable) dignified and grand hotness.)

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Screencaps courtesy of the ever fabulous RichardArmitageNet.com
Gorgeous side banner by bccmee.
Dwarf photo courtesy TheOneRing.Net 


  1. Lol - great little ditty! BTW: RA has shaved off his beard - we heard via a person who met him at the FilltheBowl Cricket fundraiser for Christchurch held on Sunday in NZ. (I really didn't like the beard, I have to say).

    As for Thorin - yes he will have to have a longbeard and there might be a substantial amount of grey in it. He certainly will be dignified and proud ... but also fit to fight battles.

    Looking at the most recent picture of RA, does he look to you as if he has more of a tan in the lower part of his face. I wonder if a prosthetic has covered the eyes and forehaed or if that is a left over ski goggle tan. Perhaps it is all just a trick of the light!

  2. Most recent piccy of RA? Where? Where? :O

    Anyway, just had a thought. (Yeah, just now, reading this post, as opposed to when The Beard first made an appearance! o.O) Isn't it quite amazing that he has such a dark beard, considering the hair on his head is just dyed black and his normal hair colour seems to be that of a much lighter brown? Would've thought his beard would be lighter, giving away the game, so to speak.

  3. Good job.

    I like his hair long and curly.

  4. LOL! Pi, you are in rare form. :D

    I adore his hair long. That's my favorite look.

  5. This poem is a work of art.
    I shall memorize it and recite it out loud often. :)

  6. Fantastic ode. Knows what you are feeling - Iliked the beard, but it reminded me of my father:) NOT HOT!

  7. Thanks time_4_t!

    @mulubinba- It does look like a tan! Am thinking it must be ski goggles because wouldn't prosthetics be shared by all, and no one else looks like that. Or, it's a trick of the light.

    And w00t! He shaved the sucker. Yaaay! I can stop having nightmares now.

    @Nat- Bwah! Thanks!

    @Traxy- Yeah, I was thinking the same thing way back. His beard should have grey, just like his stubble. Man, it's thick! Mucho testosterone? LOL

    @Frenz, Avalon- thanks! I like the long hair best. He wears it so well!

    @alfie- That is so great! You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about! LOL

  8. Oh I did love the beard but I have to say RA still looks mighty fine without it too! Hope we see some more pictures of the man in NZ. Excellent poem too...it made me laugh!

  9. Hello!

    Ha! I think he heard you :) The beard is no more (but he still looks gorgeous).

    Like your idea about the Thorin look.

  10. Loved the beard, but I also loved this poem! Keep it up!

  11. All I ask is that he does actually have some hair - I wouldn't want to get confused between him and the 'other Richard Armitage'...

  12. pi, I love your paens of praise for the locks. Personal favourites: Lucas and John Porter short, Guy in RH3.

    I liked the beard, but stubble on Richard is so sexy! Apparently John Rhys-Davies skin suffered dreadfully when he wore prothestics as Gimli. I hope they they'll be kinder to Richard. I wouldn't like him to suffer too much for his art.

  13. Well done Pi!

    "The Thorton, The North, The Shaggy, The Coiffed..."

    ODE TO THE HAIR is a masterpiece and must be entered in the National Poetry Competition!

  14. The Ode is great!

    Oh darn, I like beards (just the nicely face-framing ones). And yes, servetus, chest hair too...creeps away in embarassment; antediluvian instincts or what?)

    Aiden seemed John Standring-sweet..nice try! :)