Thursday, March 17, 2011

FanstRAvaganza Day 4: Hairy Bonbons

I do have a hair fetish (purely spiritual, of course).  I am going to cheat here and publish the limericks that I sent to the lovely and talented Nat of RAFanblog on the occasion of the Armitage's birthday last year.  Why?  Well you try writing 7 days worth of stuff, when you usually only write when your knickers are in a twist and/or you're feeling inspired.  I am lazy. 

So my excuse is that the celebration of the Armitage by limerick redux can never grow old. Oh, and maybe there's someone actually out there who has never read these before. Heh.

There once was a Guy so abhorred,
who wielded a bodacious big sword.
Marian he tickled
but she was so fickle,
a bodkin was her only reward.

An Armitage from Leicester named Richard,
Crafts characters quite cracking and myriad.
When he restyles his hair
You know someone else is there,
Whilst his stubble resembles the Iliad.

An Added Treat (Limerick added April 17)

Forsaking the leather and dirt,
Guy changed into a kilty white skirt.
"Enough!" he declared.
"I was sweating in there.
Now I feel so much freer to flirt".

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Tomorrow: Kiss Me, Kill Me

Screencaps courtesy of the ever fabulous
Gorgeous side banner by bccmee.


  1. Wow, where did you getb the last picture? I am lovingh it! I also enjoyed the rest of your posts.

  2. Lol - how did I miss these last year!! Great!

  3. Thank you for your nice limericks!
    I mustn't comment about hair (German has no separation in meaning between singular and plural and I just do not get it into my head to use it correctly in English, so it's better not to use it at all. Sorry ;o)

  4. Yes the hair is often overlooked, but my favorite is the short dark John Porter hair. It's the most gorgeous hair ever. In the world. Period.

    Hilarious limericks too. Food for thought!

  5. Where did you find Richard in a skirt?! (Beats the speedo, imo)


  6. Hi all,

    As I recall, RA did a photo shoot wearing this kilt. But I'd never seen the crouching one before. I discovered it several months ago on the net; I think it was on an RA Facebook page.

  7. Hello Pi,
    You mean this kilt-photo is real and not edited? Oh, now I must have a closer look at it ;o)

  8. Hi all!
    As far as I know it's not a photoshop.

    I found it! Here's the link to the better known
    kilt pic. You'll also find the other one there.

  9. Wow, after all this time I never thought I'd see a new "old" pick of him. Thanks!

  10. Love seeing the limericks again. :D

    The kilt pics are found on RichardArmitageNet's gallery, but I think that's the only one not there, and that one has always been my favorite! Maybe one of these days I'll open up my real stash. There is some pretty amazing stuff there that I've collected over three years. I'm sure some of you others have some interesting photos as well. LOL!

  11. Wicked titles, love it! :)

    I'm sorry to say that the picture has been photoshopped. It was mentioned in one of the forums. Someone (can't remember who) superimposed his head(most probably GoG's) onto that kilt shot.

    This is the original shot!