Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Who's Got Bats In Their Belfry?

There is so little to write about The Armitage's career trajectory at this point. Nothing is happening. He made Black Sky but there is no release date. He just finally, finally, finally wrapped the interminable work on the Hobbit trilogy.

Now this:
1. The rumour mill keeps spinning with two more articles quoting sources in Los Angeles about casting for the role of Batman, with Richard's name as a likely contender. The British tabloid newspaper, The Daily Star Sunday, quotes a casting source in Los Angeles and The Hollywood Reporter lists Richard along with other names that are cropping up regularly.

As the flame flutters and dims, sputters and gasps, we can depend on the kiss of hype to spark it alive.  Can we hope for some juicy role à la John Thornton, the standard by which all roles should be measured?  Or Guy of Gisborne, Lucas North, John Standring etc., etc. all of which he has made his own, or even the grand and magnificent Thorin that he fully inhabited? No, we get the interminable Batman, about a guy who wears armoured tights, bat ears and a cape. So elevating.

What will The Armitage do?

What is the possibility of a flying "nocturnal, mouselike animal" imitation?  Further, would he inhabit the Bat, be the Bat, aim for Bat Transcendence? Are we quivering and weak-kneed at the thought yet?

There is really nothing much to say other than this:

Richard Armitage deserves better than being endless fodder for the rapacious maws of fanboys. That would be such a waste of singular talent. Sigh.

I would like to see him in a mature role. For a mature man. Not all this puerile comic slop.

Somebody check for the role, "complete man", in the index of greenlit scripts and give it to him.

Ye gods.

Giant Sigh.






  1. I second that.
    Let's hope that all these rumors are exactly (and only) that: rumors. And hopefully there is far more exquisite stuff on his agenda than a latex clad comic*super*hero.

  2. Absolute agreement with every point made here. Bat ears on John Thornton, oh dear.

    Love the action figure. Not buying it. Don't like "collectibles" anyway....


  3. Well we can all breathe a sigh of relief now, eh? :) RA as batman just wouldn't have worked. Nope.

  4. Definitely breathing a sigh of relief, but damn he could even pull Batman off. Glad we don't have to see that though.