Monday, November 28, 2011

Tote That Barge, Lift That Bale

The heart heaves heavy things.

Even though all things Armitage seem frivolous in the face of heart heavy things, there is enough energy from us for The Armitage to make us ponder about the significance of the little engine that could. The question is, who is the engine?

Seriously, the man is in publicity purdah. His PR team brushes away his fans with a touch of the thumb, hoping for greater things, I am sure, than some centralist concentration of the putatively loony.  Maybe those are his wishes, maybe not, still the result is the same. Nada.

Man, what a desert, where we keep the going going by filling in the blanks, the huge massive wasteland of blanks. Let's be happy about the beard and let's be happy about the haircut.  Let's look back at the golden days.  Still, the now is empty.

Man, it's tough to be a Richard Armitage fan.  Yet, so challenging and creative.


  1. Well there was that set report from The Hobbit just the other day, where Thorin and RA's acting skills were mentioned with glowing reviews. That's always something! :)

  2. Welcome back! It's true there is a lack of official publicity about RA. It's a good thing we don't mind creating our own content. There is no lack of RA blogs out there (especially on Tumblr). I can barely keep up!

  3. pi - you're back! :)
    phylly, fun creating our own content, though - isn't it?
    Keep going, pi


  4. Hi all!

    What separates Armitage fans from others is their pi(e)-eyed optimism. ;)

  5. I think partially those are his wishes. The man is working a lot and his (little?) free time, probably, he prefers to spend it with friends&family instead of being in the spotlight (which would mean new stuff for us) unless he has too (i.e interviews for publicity).

    As you all said, at least we have creative fans that give us other half of the fandom :P, fics, blogs, games, vids...

    OML :)

  6. I wish I had the guts to say what I really think about it all.

  7. Frenz,

    You are such a tease! ;)

  8. Way way late to the party again but...holy carp, it's pi! Welcome back! It's going to be intersting to be sure watching him in the next year or so. I thought his comment about Thorin that if this was the last acting job he had he'd be satisfied was interesting. Makes me wonder if he's positioning himself for something where he's not so watched.

  9. If you encourage me enough, I might let loose. So be wary of encouraging me.

    I need one of those signs on my blog: DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS.

    Good to know you're around. :D

  10. I wouldn't have been introduced to Richard Armitage without his fans, so they shouldn't be treating you poorly! Bloggers are worldwide, and they shouldn't be underestimated;)

    Thanks for coming and voting for him in his Battle!